Pressing these points on your baby’s feet could make them stop crying

Reflexology has been rising in popularity over the past couple of decades. This old Chinese philosophy of pressing certain points on your body and thus relieving pain is even more beneficial in babies as they are more sensitive to touch.

Reflexology provides an effective way to not only determine what it is your baby is experiencing, but also how you can fix it.

Reflexology Foot Guide for Babies

Babies are viewed as more receptive to the practice than grown-ups as they are more open to touch. At the point when a child is disturbed, we react by holding them or rubbing their back, which makes reflexology a perfect instrument for them. Reflexology is a practice which works by applying weight on specific focuses on the body.Pressing these points can treat a host of problems related to different body parts. The guide you can see above demonstrates these body parts and their association with zones of the babies’ feet. read more

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Cleanse Your Kidneys Before It Is Too Late

As important as your kidneys are to your health (including your bone health), symptoms of their malfunction can be quite subtle. Yet early detection is crucial for preventing permanent kidney damage, so it’s vital to recognize the signs that something is not right with these detoxification organs.

With all these unhealthy foods, many toxins are accumulating in our body. This leads to occurrence of kidney stones and other kidney diseases. As you can see, the kidneys are at the center of your bone health. So it’s vital to keep track of their function.
Luckily for us, there are many herbs that can help us to reduce the possibility of getting some kidney disease. For example, parsley is very healthy herb and its compounds have many beneficial effect for us. Therefore, in continuation we will show you how to make parsley tea with which you will improve the work of your organs. read more

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Drink Elderberry Syrup Everyday To Boost Your Immunity & Never Get Sick!

(Drink Elderberry Syrup Everyday To Boost Your Immunity & Never Get Sick!)

When my children had whooping cough 8 years ago (all at the same time, no less!), I relied heavily on elderberry syrup to keep the mucous to a minimum which reduced the severity and frequency of coughing spells.

How Does It Work?

Elderberry has natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It contains Vitamins A, B and C which stimulate the immune system. The complex sugars in elderberries help the body kick illnesses. If you or your children are fighting a cold or the flu,taking elderberry syrup can help your body get back on track. This homemade elderberry syrup also includes cinnamon, ginger and raw honey for an extra immune boost. read more

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Tips to maintain better vaginal hygiene

Keeping your private parts clean and well-groomed gives you a fresh feeling that will please both you and your partner. Here are some tips for men and women on how to spruce up.

This is why women often experience itching, vaginal discharge, infection and rashes in its private regions, they have a tendency to go overboard and later regret. Here are some basic rules of intimate care that are needed to follow if you want to have healthy intimacy.

Tips to maintain intimate hygiene:

Do not touch the inside of your intimacy read more

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Lemon mixed with this food do wonders for the health

Benefits of clove have long been proven in all these home recipes.
It can cure many diseases and it can also prevent many problematic situations.

Whole or peeled, in the form of essential oil or extract, the mixture of cloves and lemon can help in many problematic situations:

Cures toothache
Reduces muscle pain and rheumatism
It regenerates the body in the event of sudden fatigue
Cleanses bowels and treats urinary tract infection
Effectively forcing insects, such as mosquitoes
Additionally, clove can improve your hair health. read more

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One Cup Of This Drink Clears Your Lungs And Boosts Your Immune System (RECIPE)

A number of studies have specified the importance of oats.

Namely, If you remove the chaff from the oats, they contain lots of valuable nutrients which are important for every human being, such as like lecithin, Vitamin A and B, useful protein and amino acids, niacin, biotin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iodine.

Oats mucus can be made into a soup, which is can help people who are suffering with gastric ulcer, kidney problems, gallbladder problems, high blood sugar and recovering from stomach or intestine operations. read more

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Health Benefits Of Purple Corn: Prevents Obesity And Diabetes

Purple corn is in the group of Peruvian super foods. It is cultivated in seaside areas, as well as in the mountains. We know about a few purple plants in nature, and therefore, for people who try to eat true rainbow nutrition, purple corn is a fantastic choice.

Benefits of Drinking Purple Corn Juice

1. Antioxidants

Nutrition and food experts say that natural crops that are colored with deep purple have several amounts of antioxidants, Anthocyanins, to be precise. The anthocyanin is the most powerful antioxidant discovered in the nutritional word. The more the purple color in a food, the more the powerful is. Therefore, purple corn is the most powerful food on the world. read more

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Just One Cup A Day And You Can Throw Away All Medications…

Mulled wine is made mostly of red wine and many spices:
– Cloves
– Anise
– cinnamon
– Citrus peels).

This is due to the spices which are prepared.

See what makes mulled wine so helpful.

Wine for healthy bones

In small quantities, the wine reduces the risk of osteoporosis because it increases the bone density.
This applies to both men and women.

Nutmeg for vitality

Nutmeg which is often present in mulled wine is the perfect spice for vitality. Along with it is believed that nutmeg increases overall defenses against disease. read more

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Recipe milk Gold – The secret of the ancient Indian Medicine

Recipe milk Gold – The secret of the ancient Indian Medicine
There are indications that the recipe used for golden milk has been kept in secrecy.

Golden milk is an ancient Indian beverage prepared according to a special recipe which was kept as a secret for centuries.Those who know the Indian culture well will sure agree that golden milk and golden color are considered as a symbol for health and healing power.

Of course, this milk has been shown to provide many benefits for the health of your body, the immune system, joints, bones of the spine, and almost all vital organs. Today we present the original recipe of milk gold … read more

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The Recipe Of The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic – DIY

If you don’t trust in pharmacies and you’re looking for a powerful antibiotic, natural and very healthy, this is your recipe!

The best way to protect yourself from diseases is by having a strong immunity system. To have a strong defense mechanism, it is necessary to eat healthy food, but you can use some tricks too.

We suggest you to try this drink, which is proved that it threatens immunity and improves the overall health of the organism. Say goodbye to inflammations and infections, and trust me that this remedy will protect you against any infection and bacteria. read more

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