Health benefits of sweating

Sweating is a natural bodily mechanism, which is controlled by the central nervous system.

Unfortunately, this means that youcannot affect, if, for example, you want to prevent sweating in the hot summer days, at the time of meeting or during physical activity.

Anything can boost this condition: strenuous physical activity, exercise, emotional state, changes in body temperature or the outside temperature…

And the most common areas in which the body releases the sweat are the armpits, the face (especially the forehead), palms, soles, chest and back.

Although many people feel uncomfortable, this physical mechanism is very important to the whole system.

Naturally cools the body

The primary and most important role of the process of sweating is regulation of body temperature.

When body temperature rises, the central nervous system alerts the sweat glands to release sweat, resulting in cooling of the body.

When the body is not sweating during intense physical activity,stay in heated rooms (sauna) or due to extreme heat, overheating occurs.

Overheating of the body can lead to serious damage to vital organs, and even death.

Reduces the risk of kidney stones

Sweating promotes excretion of excess salt from the body and prevents the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys, thereby reducing the possibility of formation of kidney stones.

It prevents skin diseases

Sweat in its composition contains dermicidin, a natural antibiotic that is activated in the salty, slightly acidic sweat and kills the germs on the skin.

Lifts the mood

It was confirmed that sweating has a positive effect on your mood.

During sweating, muscles are warmed up, which contributes to the release of tension and fatigue.

Due to increased physical activity and sweating, the body releases endorphins (happiness hormone), so we can conclude that the sweating is excellent method for the elimination of accumulated stress.

Endorphin is known as a natural painkiller and its activation contributes to alleviating many problems.

It speeds up the metabolism and strengthens the immune system

Sweating stimulates you metabolism.  Active metabolism stimulates the immune system.

Also, warming the body and sweating accelerate the production of white blood cells (leukocytes), which are responsible for the defense of our body against infections.

Helps to burn calories

Sweating is a friend of all those who are trying to lose weight or maintain optimal weight.

During sweating, the metabolism speeds up, which accelerates calorie burning and so any activity that promotes sweating can contribute to weight loss.


There are abnormal or negative forms of sweating.

They are manifested with increased sweating of the whole body or just body parts (feet, hands, armpits) during sleep or your stay in chilled rooms.

In this case, it is the sympathetic nervous system disorder known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.


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