How to measure body temperature !

How to measure body temperature

Normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees C. For many diseases the temperature is more or less elevated, or, on the contrary, decreased.

The temperature is measured usually under the armpits so that the thermometer is placed in the middle of armpits that are previously cleaned from sweat.

The patient’s arm is pressed to the body, and the forearm placed horizontally across the stomach. Several patients should not be left alone during temperature measurements. After 5 minutes, the thermometer is removed and temperature is shown in the scale.

After use the thermometer should be cleaned with cloth and soap, with a circular motion from the top to the part with mercury. Then wash it with clean water, wipe it and put it in a box.

If the patient is in a cold room or outside, the temperature is measured in the mouth, and so that the thermometer should be placed under the tongue of the patient, and he will need to press little with his tongue and hold that position for several minutes.

Before measuring the temperature, the patient must not eat or smoke. The measurement lasts three minutes, and this measure is only allowed to adults and calm patients.

Persons with some serious disease and young children temperature are measured in the colon. The patient must lie down on side and bend his knees. Part of a thermometer with mercury smeared with Vaseline is placed in the colon and the patient must wait three minutes in that position.

After the measurement, the temperature should be recorded in the patient note.

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