Just One Cup A Day And You Can Throw Away All Medications…

Mulled wine is made mostly of red wine and many spices:
– Cloves
– Anise
– cinnamon
– Citrus peels).

This is due to the spices which are prepared.

See what makes mulled wine so helpful.

Wine for healthy bones

In small quantities, the wine reduces the risk of osteoporosis because it increases the bone density.
This applies to both men and women.

Nutmeg for vitality

Nutmeg which is often present in mulled wine is the perfect spice for vitality. Along with it is believed that nutmeg increases overall defenses against disease.

Cinnamon against inflammation

What is mulled wine without cinnamon. By adding cinnamon to mulled wine, add antioxidants that enhance the body’s defense against infections.

Mulled wine for a healthy heart

According to several studies, regular consumption of wine in moderate amounts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mulled wine in cold

If you have a cold, frozen or feel the first signs of a cold, make a cup of mulled wine. In combination with a hot shower, you have a great chance to scare viruses.

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