Is ketchup good for your health?


Ketchup is something that almost every one of us likes to eat. Incredibly good, and there is none who can imagine eatingfrenchfries or pizza without ketchup. How many calories have ketchup? What are the components? None is askingthese important things, when something is delicious.

Many of you are convinced that ketchup contains very few calories, but if you read thenutrition declarations, leads to the following conclusions. In two tablespoons of ketchup there are only 40 calories, which is pretty small amount of calories. But,realistically seen, who of us eat just two tablespoons of ketchup with some meal?

Regarding on the ingredients that ketchup has, it can be said that his composition is quite variable, depending on the recipe. Overall, it contains tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, but can also contains onions, pepper and salt. Ingredients contained in ketchup cannot be put into a group of harmful substances. Ketchup contains fat and cholesterol, the only thing we should pay attention to is sodium. Because we often tend to eat a large amount of ketchup with some foods, it is associated with uncontrolled intake of sodium in the body. When we talk about the nutritional values ​​of ketchup,there is nothing much to say, except for large amounts of sodium and sugar. There is nothing that could possibly be harmful to your body.

When buying ketchup, choose the brand. Do not buy a variety of brands with high levels of sodium or preservatives. The most important thing is the ketchup you buy to be organic and certainly the best one is homemade ketchup.

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