Recipe milk Gold – The secret of the ancient Indian Medicine

Recipe milk Gold – The secret of the ancient Indian Medicine
There are indications that the recipe used for golden milk has been kept in secrecy.

Golden milk is an ancient Indian beverage prepared according to a special recipe which was kept as a secret for centuries.Those who know the Indian culture well will sure agree that golden milk and golden color are considered as a symbol for health and healing power.

Of course, this milk has been shown to provide many benefits for the health of your body, the immune system, joints, bones of the spine, and almost all vital organs. Today we present the original recipe of milk gold …


1/4 cup water
1/8 tbsp turmeric
1 cup goat milk
2 tbsp almond oil
1 tbsp honey


-Cook water and turmeric together for 6-8 minutes, and then add the milk and almond oil.
-Cook the mixture until it boils, and take it off the heat.
-Let it cool for a while and add honey.
-Indian medicine recommends drinking milk gold in treating problems with bones, joints, immune system, arthritis and many other diseases.
-There are no side effects and can be consumed milk gold whenever you need.
-It is good to drink a cup of golden milk in he morning since it provides energy throughout the whole day.

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