Here Is How to Remove the Chlorine From Your Water

Testing the water you drink is always recommended and a pretty good and helpful option.

You can easily do that using a Tester, also known as test strip, which will help you examine the quality of the water you drink and the quantity of chlorine in it. However, it is recommended that you filter the water you drink, as chlorine can be very dangerous for our entire body on the long-term.

Drinking chlorinated water raises the risk of developing bladder cancer, increases the cholesterol levels, causes allergies and asthma.
It can also do harm to your skin, eyes, and the respiratory tract.

One of the simplest ways for water purifying is adding at least several drops of lemon juice to your cup every time you drink water, as vitamin C is known water purifier. Also, you can use vitamin C tablets for purifying the water.

The recommended ratio normally is a milligram of vitamin C for a liter of water, but if you want, you can add some more of vitamin C, depending on the quantity of chlorine in the water.

Nevertheless, the chlorine usually takes two to three days to evaporate totally.

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